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Construction Defect Services


The process of a construction defect case can be long and demanding, especially on a volunteer Board of Directors. The complexity, the never-ending back and forth with defense attorneys and their experts, and finally a hopeful settlement that may or may not address all the issues discovered in litigation can be a nightmare for Associations to deal with. That’s where EmpireWorks comes in.

Our understanding of the entire construction defect process, from the initial inspections and defect discovery, through destructive testing and litigation costs of repairs, to settlement analysis and mediation make EmpireWorks the ideal partner for law firms and Homeowners Associations alike. Our in-house staff of educated licensed professionals can assist your project with:

  • Initial investigation and discovery of defects

  • Litigation cost estimating

  • Destructive testing

  • Sufficiency analysis for settlements

  • Mediation and arbitration support

Our ability to help piece a post-litigation project together with practical repair solutions is unparalleled. After a successful settlement, Associations are provided mountains of reports and documents full of defects with massive costs to repair and settlements that often add up to only a fraction of the total need. EmpireWorks excels at working inside budget restraints to identify priorities, value engineering, and produce detailed scopes of work through our vast experience and relationships with engineers and material suppliers. We are able to produce scopes of work that Associations can take out to competitive bid, fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities. Post-litigation services offered are:

  • Prioritization of repairs

  • Reserve study analysis

  • Value engineering

  • Scheduling and phasing

  • Developing RFPs for competitive bids

  • Project management


Please click on your region above to see all the specific services we offer in your area.

EmpireWorks expertise when it comes to performing the post-litigation repair work is backed by a company of over 500 in-house employees and offices spread over 6 states and growing. We have won four INC 5000 awards as one of Americas fastest growing companies. This allows us to offer the most competitive price to HOAs as they look to perform the repairs in a timely and efficient manner. Our background in occupied space reconstruction paired with years of performing complex repairs enables EmpireWorks to find safe, contained, and precise repair solutions without requiring homeowner relocation in most cases. Don’t just take our word for it, call today and request a reference list of past Associations we have assisted through their post-litigation repair process.



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