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Reconstruction Services

EmpireWorks is the fastest growing company in North America that focuses on repairing and rebuilding the exterior of Homeowners Associations.


We are skilled in projects as easy as wood replacement prior to fresh paint all the way to completely rebuilding the building envelope. Our team is ready to develop project specifications and present a variety of possible solutions depending on the community’s budget and goals. 


  • Wood Replacement – trim, fascia boards to complete residing 

  • Building re-stuccoing and masonry repairs

  • Window and door replacement

  • Balconies and decking – rebuild, replace, structural and safety elements

  • Waterproofing – windows and decks to underground parking

  • Metal fencing and railings – fabrication and spot replacement

  • Wood and composite fencing – replacement and repairs

  • The details - specifications, permits and drawings


We pride ourselves on using our own workforce for the most common elements of building reconstruction. Our large year-round staff allows us to keep quality extremely high and ensure a positive and consistent customer experience throughout all our geographic regions.


Please click on your region above to see all the specific services we offer in your area.

EmpireWorks would be honored to discuss your next renovation or construction defect project. We are always willing to share our growing list of completed project and references.


Hiring the right general contractors for defect and renovation project is paramount. You need to hire the best to insure the repairs are completed to adhere to local building codes and on time.


Please consider EmpireWorks Reconstruction for your next project.


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